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Some examples of different Sarti Design projects.


Celebrate Recovery One-Day Seminars


Looking to put a visual to One-Day seminars hosted by Celebrate Recovery, this project required continuity over two different courses, with enough variety in imagery and text to differentiate the two courses. The scope of the project included notebook entrapment, wayfinding signage, web & email promotion and promotional items.

The EHS Course

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The EHS Course began as a book (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality) authored by Peter Scazzero and has grown to include a course and seminars taught and shared all around the world. The goal for this project was to create an iconic foundation based on the iceberg that could be used over multiple mediums of print, web and live teaching.

Visual Storytelling

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As part of the Blessing My City project, the goal for this exhibit was to tell real stories, with real people, photographed in their real neighborhoods.

Iconography and Visual Flow

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This project for Riftio was to take a complex workflow and turn it into a multimedia presentation where workflow and services are presented graphically and dynamically.

Commissioned Stock Photography


Commissioned by Logo Bible Software, this project was to provide custom photography for the FaithLife Study Bible App, shooting and editing on location in Greece, Turkey, Israel and Palestinian Territories.

Wall Installation


This 30 foot wide indoor installation was printed and applied as wallpaper to be an engaging, attractive graphic for passers-by.

Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference


The Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference is held annually in Queens, NY. The scope of this project including marketing material (both print & web), mutlimedia slides, wayfinding signage, logo design and more.

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Using powerful imagery and carefully prepared words, Sarti Design can help you tell better stories.

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